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Uniplay is a Game Development Company focusing on creating PC and Console games along with Mobile games.

At Uniplay, our aim is to create interesting content and share stories that remain etched in our memory through the medium of gaming.


We are also an Art outsourcing studio providing end-to-end productions of art and development for any genre and platform.


Art & Design


Full Game Development

If you are looking to create concepts or assets for your game, we can help you with concepts and take them to the last stage of implementation into the game engine. 

We are well versed with the challenges that come with development of any game. We can provide development support and live ops for your running game.

Having an idea is great, but turning that into a product is difficult. With our in-house team we can help you create the entire game from start (early stages) to finish (full release). 


Our Work

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